Wednesday, July 07, 2010

When Someone Else Puts You First

Ever have someone do something amazing for you?

I had a recent disappointment. But instead of letting me drop through the cracks, one person wanted to make sure things went right for me. She's a lovely soul, mind you, but I had no reason to expect that disappointment to blossom into a spectacular garden of opportunity. But God knows ahead of time when things are going to feel like we are losing and has a better plan already in place.

An appearance that would allow me to be in North Carolina canceled this coming weekend. But it seems that it's working out even better. Instead of a short few days with only one appearance, now I will have the potential for 8-9 days! I'll be able to spend more time and actually speak into the hearts I long to reach.

In addition, I'll have the joy of being able to connect with family members that I have rarely seen in the last 15-17 years. By recognizing the benefits of being patient, both my personal and professional life will have a more joyous experience.

Sometimes I think we live only in the immediate and miss the reality that waiting may be more beneficial than rushing in and attacking the problem. I'm still surprised, but I think it's a better plan for me to take several deep breaths, pray, and believe God has something better planned. He's actually proving to me this year that He is faithful in the small things so that I will trust Him with bigger things.

Does that twist on scripture surprise you?

I started to realize lately that what God asks of us He already models. He says that when we are faithful in the small things, He can trust us with bigger things (paraphrased). So it makes a lot of sense to me that God is showing me how to learn more trust through small steps. I trust Him more and more because He's coming through in the small ways.

It's affecting me so much that I'm now watching for the little things God will do to prove His love and ability to provide. But I'm also conscious that I need to be faithful in the little things too! It's become a conversation between God and I. The more I see attributed to God, the more I want to be faithful. I have begun telling Him about it each time I see Him come through with an answer to prayer.

Now I see how God works through others to help us feel in community with Him. I see how He has been showing faithfulness to me. I see those little things I want to be in synch with God's will because He first showed me how to believe He will do what He says.

When someone else puts you first, do you see God's hand reaching out for you? Do you see Him providing for you and/or answering your prayers?

Angela Breidenbach
Gems of Wisdom, June 1, 2011, Sheaf House/Journey Press
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