Sunday, May 16, 2010

Building a Dream

Ever wondered how long it took to get to the center of a ...

Lol, you thought I was going to say tootsie pop, didn't you?

Okay, have you ever tried to count how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

As a kid of a certain generation, I immediately identify the commercial cartoon owl that counted "Ah one, Ah two." Then he bit down and crunched the candy coating getting it done in three licks. All the children hung their heads in disappointment.

That's exactly how we think we should be able to achieve our dreams. In one, two, ah crunch! But instead we experience delays, confusion, and distractions. Sometimes it feels like everyone else is living their dream because they weren't afraid to chomp down on their dream right away. At least that's what we think in the quest for our dreams. Suddenly years have gone by, everyone else appears successful and way ahead, and we are feeling that time and circumstances have drained us of the opportunity to ever reach that squishy, sweet center of our lollipop. We beat ourselves up with our assumed failure. Why didn't I just bite when I could? Why'd I let that dumb owl do it?

My recent discovery? Because I didn't have a fully formed, satisfying message yet. My message was still under God's creative control.

A message I wouldn't have had five years ago. In fact, not three years ago. I thought I should have started my career in public speaking in my twenties so by now I'd be established. The sweet spot isn't that I've begun speaking. It's the confirmation that I really have a message to share. A message that blossomed in those hard times of delay, confusion, and distraction. A message of substance.

Each time I get impatient now, I see Mr. Owl and the disappointment of the cartoon children who never really get a satisfying answer.

I don't want to be like Mr. Owl. Do you?

God be with you,
Angie Breidenbach
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