Monday, April 19, 2010

When Things Go Wrong They Are Often The Most Right

Some days glow when you wake up. They feel warm, wonderful, and welcoming. Others, well, they are what they are--at the start. The question is how will day end?

Over the weekend, I had the most wonderful opportunity to speak at the Naked Truth conference. It was geared to Christian singles. Little things went wrong like little foxes released in the field. They created a lot of havoc.

The worries I had were over a new presentation in a different style on power point. Very little sleep, unfamiliar setting without a simple internet connection, not knowing how to get the technical tools working, and of course a few forgotten little items made me start to stress.

But I had a fabulous experience. No matter what seemed to go wrong, warm and friendly people jumped in to help. By the end of the day, after hearing the hearts that shared with me, I was more blessed than any one present. The stories I heard after sharing mine were not only encouraging, but also a bonding. I couldn't help smiling, hugging, and feeling like my treasure chest was full of the gems other people had filled it with all through the day.

All those little things people did to step in for small needs added up to great blessings even though they started as little stresses. All those little helps prove that no one succeeds on their own and no one achieves the heights of their dreams all by themselves.

I may have woken rushed and exhausted, but my day ended with the glow.

In what way has your needs, your mishaps turned around to lift you up?
What people have helped you achieve goals and dreams?
How do you show your gratitude to those that have walked the road with you and helped to carry the load?
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