Monday, March 01, 2010

Confidence When Plans Go Awry

Have yours? Have your plans for the day ever gone awry and it felt like the day was lost?

Have you felt the tightening of your chest and wondered where your day timer  or some other important information was last left?

Oh yes, today is a day like that for me. I about had a panic attack when I realized I had a full schedule today but no schedule to follow. I follow a day timer every day or I get lost in my long to-do list of duties for ACFW, teaching classes, taking classes, book projects, and even appearances as Mrs. Montana International.

So when my husband asked me for an important set of documents and I turned to pull it out of the non-existent day timer... well, you can imagine the horror!

In addition to the list above, I'm a Weight Watcher's leader & ambassador. Uh huh, guess where I left it? At the Weight Watcher's Missoula center!

Once my husband and I retraced my weekend schedule, we figured out where it was and had a good laugh. But I tell you, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with my entire business and personal schedule missing.

One thing that helped? Having my husband think through things with me. It kept me calm and confident to be able to lean on his support. I didn't leave it all up to him, I searched the house, my car, and all my business materials from last week's speaking events. But ultimately, it took standing still and talking it out with someone else to jog my memory.

I am working on being a more organized person, but it takes daily practice.

New concept: Remember that you don't have to be all confident and courageous all by yourself. Stop. Tell someone your worry. Listen to feedback. Where there are many counselors plans succeed, even plans to find something you've lost :-) It helps us to bounce ideas and worries off someone else.

What have you lost that caused your stomach to land in your shoes?

How did you solve it?

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