Monday, February 15, 2010

Confident Self Presentation

How do you present yourself?

Is there a difference in your presence on stage and off?

Do you present yourself professionally online and off?

One of my favorite examples of confident self presentation are beauty queens. Does that surprise you? These women have a way of walking, holding their body, direct eye contact that's friendly and yet not threatening. Take that a step farther. Watch the winners. They also are able to infuse personality into and as a part of their confident manner.

At Mrs. International Pageant, some of the many women who amazed me with their level of confidence and community contribution!

Think about it: It has to take a ton of confidence to walk on stage in a swimsuit or tight fitness wear. People judge the competitors. What makes these women courageous enough to step out in a swimsuit or long gown (easy to trip on) walk out on a stage and be judged?

Every woman I've talked to during competition and in interviews for my non-fiction book, Courageous Beauty, has had a deep belief in a much larger goal. They aren't worried about being judged as much as they are challenged to take the opportunity to capture a vehicle to their goal. Hint: Every one of them has a constant, easy smile. It comes from a place of joy even in struggles and a willingness to look for opportunity regardless of how high the hurdle appears. Optimism that there is a way to achieve the goal regardless of the facts.

Presenting yourself with confidence starts with recognizing your goal is worth the challenge.

Do you study anything that helps you focus on your purpose or life calling?

A fun assignment: Watch a pageant. Know who the winner is in advance. Follow her through each area of competition. Study her physical and vocal cues. Note what you learn from her.

Please share:
What's your goal?

Is it big enough to make you step out into the competition?

If not, how can you make it bigger so that your desire to win that goal is bigger than the fear of the competition?

Do you have a plan to reach your goal?
Did you know courage, confidence, & wisdom are learnable skills?
Angela Breidenbach, Certified Personal Development Coach, can help you learn confidence skills and set a plan of action to reach your goal.
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