Saturday, September 05, 2009

Learning New Weight Loss Skills

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On facebook the other day, I had a comment from a friend. She mentioned working on some new skills each month like changing her eating one month and then focusing on upping her exercise the next month. It's a slow, but productive process.

We get discouraged in the slow results. We forget to look back and see how far we've come. We forget to celebrate.

Maintaining change is building on each new skill and choice until your life and weight are entirely different. I had to learn everything three years ago. I didn't realize how much I lacked in knowledge.

The Weight Watcher meetings are only once a week. But that was perfect because it gave me the chance to focus on ONE thing each week to create a healthier me. (Now I can go all week long to as many meetings I want, but they are the same topic for one week.)

Yesterday, my baby grandson took 8 steps. Such tiny, tiny steps. Then he fell. But we clapped and praised him. Not because he fell, but because he'd made it 8 steps! I think he crossed 2 feet on the floor. It was 2 feet he practiced.

That's what change is like...crossing 2 feet of floor you've never been able to do before. Then you sit down and rest for a moment before practicing some more. But the key is to clap and celebrate during the resting so you want to get up and try again.

It's the same with those we love. We can cheer them on even as they are in the process of falling. They wouldn't be falling if they hadn't tried!

Have you cheered for someone else lately?

Have you cheered for yourself even as you rest?

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