Saturday, September 19, 2009

ACFW Conference: People We Meet

Who has changed your life?

Who has poured into you teaching that framed the direction you would go?

Who has given you only a moment, but it twinkled up golden enriching the years to come?

These moments, teaching, chance meetings happen all day, each day here at the conference.

A lovely dinner with Randy Ingermanson, Mary DeMuth, Danica Favorite, Merritt Talbot, Mary Beth Whalen, Meredith Efken, and myself ran for over 2 hours. I felt like it changed my life, framed direction, and twinkled golden that each of these people shared a wealth of knowledge, fun stories with great lessons, and amazing brain boggling ideas for marketing and career.

I had the honor of meeting Debbie Macomber, Harry Kraus, and Ted Dekker.

Did I take classes today?


Were they astounding?


But the joy of the American Christian Fiction Writers conference doesn't lie in one class or one new connection-though it could. The joy is in the unexpected, continuous moments that string together until the flake of gold becomes a gold strike!

I am rich beyond measure because someone else poured their generous spirit out for me.

Thank you.
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