Sunday, August 30, 2009

Anyone know anything about miniature horses?

Meet Spanky! His registered name is Little Chap Tangerine Sky. (Uh, no, I didn't name him.)

Spanky has captured my heart. He came to me because the Jadyn Fred Foundation had him as the main raffle prize a few weeks ago. The little girl who won him couldn't keep him. So she ended up getting a puppy instead. But that left little Spanky in need of adoption.

We already have 2 other horses, Miss Piggy and Chief. So we have the land and space, no problem. He eats a mix of hay and a pellet food called Strategy. We ran out to a feed store for that today.

The problem is that I am now on a FAST learning curve about minis. I think I've just discovered a new passion :-)

We are considering the Delta Society to certify for visitation to hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. I have the website, but haven't had much time to research it. We didn't know we were getting Spanky until 2 days ago. Prep time has been a quick whirlwind.

I'd also like to train him to be ridden by children (for our grandson per my hubby) and to pull a cart. I can just see the children at a cancer center or school squealing in delight.

Spanky has just done something else. He sparked a book idea! Oh my goodness, changes can be so creative.

So if you have any knowledge or expertise in this area, please share with me. I look forward to it!

Oh, I have to tell you that Spanky likes cats. This is good since we have 3, lol.

One immediate need this weekend, Spanky is eating a lot of the salt lick. Is there ever too much salt for a mini?

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