Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Choosing the right gift

Do you have upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or special events that require choosing the right gift? What makes the right gift anyway? The old saying about the thought counting fits for sure, but what if it were also a significant contribution to the lives of children? What if when you buy a gift, you were really making a difference in someone's life? With the Gems of Wisdom line, you can and you are making a significant choice. You are pouring love onto the person you are gifting, but you are also gifting significant love into the orphans of Kenya.

Over at, there's a store that supports the orphan homes in Kenya. Above, you see the design for Gems of Wisdom necklace 1 and the optional obsidian pendant that stands for courage.

Each necklace already comes with a large treasure chest pendant. But there are more, interchangeable pendants available to not only change the look, but also the significant meaning behind the gems. As the obsidian stands for courage, the amethyst stands for self-care. How many women do you know that pour so much of themselves out that they don't take time to refill their own well?

There's something for every budget too. The pendants can be purchased alone or there are other pieces available. The pendant line will expand to a total of 17 over the next month or so. There will also be purses and silver chains available. What is so significant about that?

The purses will be created by the Taraja Project. This project helps mothers with AIDS work and stay with their children as long as humanly possible. Taraja literally means "giving hope." So yes, I'm telling you about a store and jewelry and purses. But what I'm really sharing is ideas to choose significant gifts. Gifts that change lives and have meaning to the recipient, the giver and a bunch of children all the way across the ocean. Choosing the right gift? I ask you to consider the impact of shopping in a place that touches lives.

Thank you so much for your consideration today,
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