Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can you really touch a life across the ocean?

Sometimes it feels like the world is a place full of people isolated by imaginary borders and actual oceans, mountains and deserts. How in the realm of reality can we hope to make a difference for people thousands of miles away?


Simple. Take part in events that intentionally connect us. Those events exist in communities every where. But it requires open eyes and seeking hearts. Look for events you can take part in within your own community.

In my community, on June 28th, we are working to raise funds to build a well for Neema Children's Home in Kenya. This home has children from the surrounding area that are either orphaned or their families cannot feed them. Little ones like David above.

My son and his wife served there last summer. It struck them hard that one of the many hardships this children's home faces is the lack of fresh water. The kids had to walk a mile to get water for their compound. They really need a well.

Knowing this need, a local restaurant partnered with the Neema Home to help.

So how does that affect people here in Missoula?

Even more simply. On June 28th from 2-6p.m. the people of Missoula, MT can go out to eat at Biga Pizza. For $10 each person can eat all they want. Half the proceeds will go toward building that well.

And what did the folks here have to do to touch a life all the way across the ocean?


As Mrs. Montana International, I have the blessing of inviting people to this event. Come and eat. Come and share a little of your life to support life in a small children's home that you may never see. Eat. While you eat, you will be providing the opportunity to touch the lives of orphans and poverty stricken little ones to have fresh water.

Please come. Please eat. Share laughter. Share a common cause. Share the most basic necessity--water.

Thank you for considering this simple way of touching a life on the other side of the globe,
Mrs. Montana International 2009
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