Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Montana Frost

Isn't this beautiful?

I have to admit that I am not a cold weather person even though I am a Montanan. I get cold! But this gorgeous hoar frost always amazes me.

You might not know or have seen this kind of frost before and wonder why I called it names :-) It's really called hoar frost. It comes from fog. The earth is too warm and the inversion over Missoula (and some other places I've heard about) holds the fog down on the ground. It's that thick pea-soup weather.

Well, in Missoula the weather gets so cold sometimes that the fog then freezes on everything around it. It's spectacular! The entire city is ensconced in crystal. The trees look ethereal and the plants are outlined as if the Snow Queen froze them alive. I've even seen a sprinkler freeze mid-shoot. The arcing ice is unbelievable.

Below is a close up of a particularly heavy hoar frost. I wanted to show you the beauty of each particle. Like cold, don't like cold...you can't help but feel astonishment when you see everything covered in glistening frost. God's creativity knows no limit. I stare and stare on days like these just trying to absorb the intensity and awe.

Montana is well worth the visit :-)
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