Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here's a first view of the Gems of Wisdom

This is what you'd call a first draft. We're so excited to be bringing the Gems of Wisdom into a reality. Each piece follows a pattern, but because of the unique quality of gemstones, each piece will also be a one-of-a-kind collectable in the Gems of Wisdom line.

The final styles will be unveiled right around June 1st!

Are you wondering what is so special about this line of jewelry?

Every single piece supports orphans!

I've commissioned Pamba Toto designer, Colleen Briggs, to make these pieces because 50% of the profits from Pamba Toto go to help support Hope's Promise and two Kenyan orphanages. I could have had any company produce jewelry. But it wouldn't have been as special. Colleen puts love and creativity into every piece because she has a bigger goal in mind. Every necklace, bracelet or earring she makes will in turn make a difference for a child.

Now these photos are simple snapshots from my digital camera. Just wait when you see the photographs of individually shot necklaces, bracelets and earrings... and the sparkle on the gems! Debbie Lee, does a spectacular job of providing the marketing side of Pamba Toto.

Together, we have a dream to make this idea change lives around the world.

This Gems of Wisdom line of jewelry not only supports the orphanages in Kenya but it also connects to the work I do as a life coach, author and speaker. I want to help you find the treasures inside yourself. Those difficult experiences are really rough stones waiting to be polished. Each of the gems included on these jewelry pieces relates to a chapter in my recently finished book. Once it is published, I'll be sharing it too. In the meantime, the meaning behind each gem as well as a "treasure map" of the stones will be included as they are sold.

You'll be able to see them up close (and in much better detail) on by clicking on the Gems of Wisdom link.

My own website, will be opening the beginning of June! I'll be sharing how to battle your internal pirates to discover your own gems of wisdom.

Thank you for visiting today and be sure to go learn more about Pamba Toto's mission too.

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