Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smart About Life

Okay, this is too exciting! I'm inviting you to an unusual event. One that came out of the creativity of a bunch of ladies just yesterday.

I am inviting you to join me, my Bible study group and our special guest, Deborah Dunn. She's the author of a book called
Stupid about Men: 10 Rules for Getting Romance Right.... She and I connected on Facebook. We got to chatting and came up with a fun idea. That fun idea blew up into an actual event.

Deborah offered to visit with our group on a phone conference. We thought that would be really fun and interesting. It would add a lot of oomph to the study we were doing using her book. WELL, then things took a creative turn! So we decided to invite other ladies. Now we thought it would be one or two, maybe a few, that would join us just because it would be fun and different. But then...Deborah mentioned she'd like to record it and introduced us to her recording friend, Rosey Dow.

So here is the result of that fun conference call yesterday. We turned our small group Bible study into an event for women all over our city. And then it grew to women all over the country. Why? Um, Why Not? We realized that, as women in a crazy and frenetic culture, we don't have the time to meet with our friends like we used to do in years past. We wanted to find a way to do that, to socialize and to encourage each other. So we're throwing a party. One that meets the deep need to connect to other women in this disconnected time.

Deborah Dunn is going to share about how to have better relationships with the men in our lives. Now we are inviting anyone who wants to attend because, well, why not? :-D So please come and join our Bible study May 7th at 7 p.m. Mountain Standard.

Smart About Life Event :-)
It's a one hour, fun teleconference for the ladies to visit with Deborah Dunn, author of Stupid About Men: 10 Rules for getting romance right. . . as she presents how to have better relationships with the men in our lives. Then we'll have a time to visit and catch up with gals we don't have enough time to visit normally. Friends welcome!

There are 3, count them-3, options to participate!

1. We invite any women in the area on May 7th at 7 p.m. to come to a potluck dessert social (bring simple desserts, who needs to clean up?) Dessert social will be held after the teleconference with Deborah Dunn, author of Stupid about Men: 10 Rules for Getting Romance Right.... To be held at Atonement Lutheran Church in Missoula, MT. It's behind the Southgate Inn on Brooks.
(Potluck desserts can be dropped off in the Fellowship Hall while we enjoy the teleconference.)

2. Anyone unable to come to Atonement Lutheran can dial into the number at 7pm on May 7th and listen in to the conference from anywhere in the country.
Phone number for listening:
Use Conference ID: 585956# (you hit the pound key after.)

GREAT IDEA HERE **Some of our friends that are not in Missoula are inviting their friends to have dessert and join the event in small groups at their homes. We know of 2 already! They're just planning on putting it on the speaker phone and sharing dessert while they chat afterwards. How cool is that?! Feel free to have your own fun small group dessert social. Why not?

3. OR--anyone can pull up the website and join us by listening in too. Remember it is May 7th at 7 p.m. Mountain Standard.
The link will be
This link is just for the teleconference on that evening. You can find more about Deborah Dunn and her work at:

This started as creative way to have a different Bible study for us, but it's turned into an awesome event. (It's totally free too because it is really is just our regular Bible study bringing ladies together in this fractured world to support our marriages and relationships.) Come and have a great time visiting, learning and then eating together.

Thank you! (And I'm bringing cookies.)
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