Saturday, March 07, 2009


I spent a lot of time on Friday working with Debbie Lee from creating a new line of gemstone jewelry for the Gems of Wisdom series. We brainstormed ideas for how to meet the need of anchoring memories and paradigm shifts as my readers experience change through the first book, Insanity Rules: Gems of Wisdom.

One of the issues we dealt with is all the unknowns in beginning a new business venture. We started with website interactivity and connectivity and realized that those are exactly the words that describe human relationships. It's those concepts that drive us both to want to help others. A wonderful realization for the two of us.

But this whole new business venture comes down to managing the transitions. Little details, small moments and maximum focus to transition from here to rolling out the grand opening next fall with my life coach certification. There are milestones along the way from connecting our websites, training, creating tools like gemstone affirmations and the companion journal as well as writing material for online classes and speaking engagements.

Can I just say, "Holy Cow!" I felt like I peered over the edge of the Grand Canyon as we visualized all the things we would need to do to make our business arrangement work for both companies. From new designs for a premium level line of jewelry to photography and building websites only scratched the surface of all I would have to accomplish in the next six months. I almost stepped back. Almost. Instead, we prayed and my heart is now filled with confidence that this is the right step.

That Grand Canyon feels overwhelming when I stare with my toes on the brink across the wide chasm to the other side, but as of last night, I'd gotten up on my little burro for the trek down into the experience. I'm ready to conquer the adventure.

I even started on that trail ride! My website needed some updating. So I did the best I could until my web guru can get a hold of it next week. There are more photos, descriptions, and references to the Gems of Wisdom. I'm excited I could do that on my own! I'm also thrilled that I can hire someone I trust to do the bigger updates and fix a few of my unknowns until we can get an entirely new website built around the Gems of Wisdom.

I am focused, yes, but I'm taking a step of faith. For my Lenten Discipline, I'm taking each step and waiting. I tend to be a person of action. I decided that I needed to be a person who listens to God's plans before I act on my own. So I take one step and stop. I wait. I listen. I pray.

In the last few days, I have felt more settled about this decision to move into my dream than ever in my life. It's like I've been blind to the way God made me and the purpose He infused inside my every cell, my very DNA until now. Settled. Excited. Driven! I recognize I've been given the responsibility to become the person God intends me to be.

I mentioned Gems of Wisdom several days ago on a previous post. I just had the exciting first meeting toward making it a reality. How cool is that! I'm about to explore the Grand Canyons of dreams for me. It's huge and full of wonder. Although I can see so much of it (like standing on the ledge of cliff astonished at the view) I'm sure there are hidden challenges as well.

Do you have a dream that is so big you have to step back from the edge, take stock, and walk up to it again?

Do you have a dream so big only well planned actions can help it come into being?

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