Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lifting Arms to Daddy

My grandson is snuggled here as a newborn. As he's grown, his newest ability is lifting his arms to be picked up. He lifts them up toward us with a beaming smile. His little eyes shine and as grandma, I am inexplicably compelled to reach out to him

I love him with my whole being.

When my son, his daddy, walks into the room, little Jude wriggles all over the place in animated bliss. His tiny arms push out to his daddy. He lifts his face and waits with anticipation for that amazing love.

It really struck me the last few days how I want to be like that with my Father in Heaven. I love how God can use a small child to show us how we should reach out in anticipation for Him.

But what really hit me was the absolute joy and desire to react to my grandson. I think God must be like that with us, compelled to hold us in His loving arms. I think He must be filled with intense joy and can't hold back the silly grin when we lift up our arms to Him.

What do you think?

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