Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is reading in your DNA?

This is my great-grandmother, Mary Nelson. She is the daughter of a circuit riding preacher, a teacher, a singer and lived so long before my time. I was born when her son, my grandpa, was already 80 and Mary was already with the Lord for many years!

And here am I holding my grandson, Mary's great-great-great grandson! There are only 160 years gone between generations. But can you see the resemblance physically? I so wonder what my grandson will be like. Hmm, maybe I have a little inkling of some things already. . .

I'm a little amazed at how many great books are being released this spring. I'm thrilled to have the pleasure of reviewing for several publishers and publicity agencies. I do like to write my own regular posts, but I also like to promote awesome inspiring work that has the opportunity to reach a heart.

I like reading, that's absolutely true. I also love to be eclectic about it. I'm going to be posting several each week of varied genres. I'll have everything from historical fiction to women's fiction to mystery and even some non-fiction on the Grand Canyon from a creationist perspective. I feel like every book I read is not only entertaining but educational and counts for research. Often one book leads to another on the same or similar topic in a domino effect.

I enjoy learning from what I read. I'm very visual and actually see the books unfold in my mind as if I'm watching a movie. Non-fiction can fascinate me so completely that I then start looking up more info on the internet to answer curiosities. I'll find myself doing that with fiction too! I might visualize a city and want to know what it might be like in "real life."

I started reading on my own, according to family stories, by age 4. I started writing little poems and stories shortly after that in crayon. I think it is just built into my DNA to be a reader and writer. I'm too curious not to be :-) I love learning through entertaining reading, do you?

Are you enjoying the book reviews I post?

What do you think was built into your DNA?

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