Friday, January 30, 2009

What Purpose Were You Made For?

We have a college age daughter who is wondering right now how to find her passion and purpose in life. She asked me recently how I found mine.

After lots of conversation, it really came down to the journey.

I think too many times we feel we should know right now what we are supposed to do. But even though writing and speaking are in my DNA, I still had to explore life a while before I settled into my focus and purpose.

So here I am in my mid-forties discovering the adventure of my own purpose while my college age daughter is beginning the search for hers. I had to tell her not to worry about finding it immediately.

It's important to explore, work in a few different interests, work if you must in a job you don't like in order to get the funds to explore. But consider that job a springboard into a search for the calling. As long as you have something to pay the bills, you will have the opportunity to search.

I think it is very important to have a positive mental attitude even in a job that isn't the place you want to be long term. Why? You never know who you will meet or how that particular situation comes into play later. You always want the people you work with and for to be glad they knew you. Besides, a job is a blessing and gives you the ability to bless others by doing that chore well.

We all have to do things we don't like. Things that look and feel like plain old boring stuff. But when you polish a plain old boring rock, you can make it shimmer and shine. So polish up that attitude and do what you have to do so you have the chance to do what you want to do in the future. Make people glad you are there so that you hear about those special ideas and possibilities that are just perfect for your personality. (I actually did get a different job that way once. Someone watched the way I handled customers at a very uncomfortable position. When a better one came open at a different company, they told me about it right away. Voila! I had a better, happier place to work because I did the best I could where I was at.)

So what if you don't know your purpose?

You explore, keep your mind in a positive place, do the best you can do right now in the situation you are in, and leap when the chance comes. But if you are negative, that chance may pass on to someone else.

Polish your plain old rocks and make them shine so they catch attention :-D
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