Monday, January 26, 2009

Organizing-the beginning

It's a funny word-organizing. I just imagine a three year old trying to pronounce it. It's a funny word.

Organizing is a concept that people understand, but don't really understand unless they are gifted with the ability. Some of us have to push through the lack of gifting ;-) I have to go down to spartan to build it into what I want or all I have is a mish-mash. You can't get any more spartan that the way my office looked last year before our Japanese exchange student stayed with us for 7 months.

Many people have mentioned to me that they think I am well organized. (Pssst, don't talk to my hubby because he just might laugh.) The truth? I have had to learn things that help me cope because I am more the "big picture" person and not the detail oriented type.

So if you are detail oriented and very organized, I invite you to share your tips on how to keep paperwork, kitchens, families or where ever your gifting lies for organization with me. I'm always looking for another good idea right down to cleaning out my bookshelves and reorganizing them.

Right now I'm tackling paperwork, insurance and recreating my office space on top of my duties as a volunteer officer for American Christian Fiction Writers and my Assistant Minister position at church (and on top of our family owned business.) I know, I know. sigh. I can't do it all at once. So I will take it one at a time. This week is insurance from 2008 which will lead to paperwork and then to creating my office environment in a now vacant upstairs bedroom.

The tips I can share?

Make a list and mark it off. I do this to remember or I am easily distracted.
Live out of my day timer. I do this because if I don't, lol, I don't remember. (The daily list goes right in my month at a glance.)
Work on one thing at a time. I do this because I am too easily distracted and otherwise can't finish.
If it is complicated I write it out until I "get it."
Once I have an idea of the steps I need to take, I delegate ruthlessly in order to be more effective. Luckily, right now I have an awesome office assistant/dispatcher. But what happens when she takes vacation or maternity leave? Ack!

So please, your turn to share :-)
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