Friday, January 09, 2009

Looking for Self-Respect

Oh my goodness, I was just sitting there today. Just a sittin'.

Inside the smallest cubicle of a Jiffy Lube, sat two teen girls, a young man, my husband and me. We could not NOT hear any and all conversation around us. But what happened to self-respect and discretion?

I am actually astounded at the conversation between the two girls. These young ladies spoke freely in front of strangers about their drug and sexual choices and one decided she was not going to college. O-k-a-a-a-y. Her friend asked if she was afraid of being kept out of college if she were to get a drug charge on her record. The language moved into the obscene.

The response? Nope. Didn't bother her at all because she didn't plan on going. But, don't ya' know, if she did want to go to college, her parents would just pay for it.

The manager popped his eyes in surprise at the sounds coming from a "lady."

But then the one gal decided to impress the other with her prowess at manipulation. She confessed quite proudly that she had intentionally enticed her boyfriend to the dark side. She scowled that he had been a good one (that believed in no sex before marriage) and that she'd taught him how to smoke. She went on to say that he no longer believed in no sex before marriage because she'd made sure of that. She was so happy to have given him his first cigarette and stood there watching him become addicted.



In all this, she didn't notice the employees behind the counter, or the other people in the tiny room. She didn't see the disbelief or worry in the expressions. Neither girl noticed how horribly uncomfortable the conversation was for all the hostages to it.

My heart broke for her. In all her proud bravado, she didn't know she had caused harm to another soul. She didn't even recognize the harm she did herself. And her friend chortled along with her, encouraging further damage.

Truly? I wanted to say something, but what?

These young ladies seemed like they'd never learned discretion, but worse, they really did not have a love for themselves or others. They seemed so lost in the chase for pleasure even at the expense of others.

As a stranger, I wasn't in an appropriate place to intervene. Nor did I want to escalate the scene. I have to say I was honestly stumped. Had it been just the two girls and me in the room, I might have entered the conversation gently. Smiled and showed interest and drawn them out. But when there are several men around, it puts a different dynamic on the situation.

Tonight I will be praying for her. But I'm also going to pray for the young ladies of our country who have been led to believe that this kind of behavior is somehow okay.

I wonder, what would you do?

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