Monday, January 05, 2009

Building Goals

I know, you are all wondering where I've been all week. Well, like many of you, I've been cleaning up the loose ends and preparing for the future.

After finishing my book, Insanity Rules: Gems of Wisdom, I had to write the proposal. Only 38 pages compared to the 188 pages of the book, but it did take me 3 or 4 days to get it done. I'm exhausted but very happy.

I've been working hard at setting up my plan for 2009. As the new ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Publicity Officer, I will be serving a two year term. In the meantime, I have to learn the new position. Holy Cow! There is a lot to learn and do.

So over the last several days, I've been reading and reading and reading!

Then there have been a few long breaks to go see my son's varsity basketball games and send kiddos off to places around the world.

On New Year's Day, we sent off my step-daughter to New Zealand for a six month position for a kid's camp. She has a degree that includes running outdoor education programs and extreme sports. What a cool job to travel around the world teaching people survival skills and wilderness experiences.

Then we sent off another kiddo back to college.

In between each of these rather large life events, I kept on reading. And reading :-) Good thing I like reading, lol.

So this month, I will be preparing for the next year by taking classes and cleaning up loose ends. I'm also going to do a little planning on not only my blog but also the new ACFW blog. Goodness, I think I like to blog :-)

Tonight, I feel like things are starting to get pulled back together from the holiday, company and finishing my book. Now it's time to face forward and start the new goals. I think I'll post them tomorrow. Tonight is for a little more pondering.

Have you set goals yet? (And no, I don't do New Year resolutions.) I only set goals that I plan for and create space in my schedule for them. No resolutions. To me, those are just wishes. I want achievements. How about you?

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