Sunday, December 28, 2008

I finished writing Insanity Rules: Gems of wisdom

I couldn't stop until the last word was down on the page last (well, this morning) night. I hit the hay around 4 a.m. But there was no way I'd go to bed one more night without the feeling of accomplishment and being able to say I'm done!

I'm so tired, but looking around my house and realizing how much I need to do, lol.

I've had blinders on for the last 3 months so I could make my deadline on writing. Oh sure, I did clean. But so much had to be just left for later. I haven't put up curtains I washed a month ago, things like that.

And did I worry? No! I had something bigger and better to do than hang curtains. :-)

I think that's called delayed gratification, or at least it feels like it, lol.

This book has been so important to me because I really want to help others. I've learned so much through all the hardships of caring for my mentally ill mom. Since she passed away last year, I felt like there were such great lessons God allowed me to experience. Every time I talked about them, other people would share theirs too.

So Insanity Rules: Gems of Wisdom has blossomed from a book about my experiences to one that shares multiple gems from a bunch of wise souls. I felt like I kept learning from each and every story shared with me. It became a labor of love sharing their stories and gems of wisdom.

Then somehow, a bunch of pirates invaded the book to live in the analogies. Man, some of them are funny! Those fellows had me giggling or entranced in the research of historically authentic men like Captain Charles Vane and Blackbeard. But my favorite pirate is Cookie Smythe. He's a fictional character dropped into an historically accurate time.

These additions made the book so much fun to write as I had to reenact some of it in order to determine if something I wrote would work logically.

Today, I'm tired. But it is such a gooood tired from reaching a goal. A goal that catapults me toward a huge dream of being published and speaking out to help others.

Are you moving closer to a dream?
Please share your progress.


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