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Old-Earth Creationism on Trial

Angie's Take: If you like Law and Order, you'll enjoy this style of non-fiction. The author's, Tim Chaffey &  Jason Lisle, present the facts so we can read them as if we are listening to a jury trial.

Old-Earth Creationism On Trial is from New Leaf Publishing. It's a new book out that I think would be an excellent teaching resource for all kids who will really enjoy the book for the ability to freely discuss and debate in class or in home school groups.

One thing I noticed, a constant theme through the book to reveal the contextual and grammatical use of words like "yom." The authors also try to educate the reader on jargon and lingo in the debate. I found myself going back to check a few of the definitions and was really glad they were spotlighted in a text box on the side of any given page. It made it easier to grasp the concepts.

Another thing I appreciated was that the book was written to Christians and not to convince non-Christians because the church sometimes gets a little lost when we disagree. Think about it this way: In a blood line family, we are still related regardless of how we feel about it. In a Christian family, we are still related regardless of how we feel about it. We just forget that part, you know, the brothers and sisters in Christ part.

I like how the authors address the fact that they quote other Christians they disagree with, yet still respect their faith and personhood. I like that the authors address the issues rather than the person. It creates the possibility for open dialogue.

This is a bit higher level reading, not because of the difficulty in the English, but because it is about logical debate. Having raised quite a few kids, logical debate is not well taught in our school systems any longer. In fact, try finding schools with classes on logic and ethics. It might exist out there, but it sure doesn't in our area.

So this book is an easy read for the conversational tone, but you will have to pay attention if you haven't personally experienced healthy logical debate in your education.

Now for the big question: Would this book convince me that I live on a young earth? Yes, I believe it would. But I have to be honest that I've been to a few seminars from Ken Ham and already done some extensive reading on the subject so I have been a young-earther prior to reading this book because of what I have learned through science and the Bible.

Conclusion? I think Old-Earth Creationism On Trial is an excellent resource to help us understand some difficult issues from ancient grammar to debunking illogical theories.

Once again, if you like Law and Order and reading legal mysteries, I think you'd enjoy the presentation of logical arguments in this book. 

Really, is there a reason to be uneducated on all sides?

Being uneducated simply leaves one ignorant. It's embarrassing to be caught in a decision and then realize an entire series of information was left out. Has that happened to you before? It's sure happened to me in my lifetime.

So before crossing off the topic or even denying the importance, consider discovering the all sides. It's poor judgement for anyone to make a decision without all the facts. You may still choose to believe another way, but at least you will have done it with intelligent purpose and not on assumptions.

Ask the questions. It's intriguing to see what comes from those questions. In fact, it always seems like an adventure to me to discover and learn about something new.

About the book: As the modern church struggles to find a place of relevancy for a new generation that already has massive demands on its time and attention, more and more young people raised in the Church are leaving it--failing to find the answers to their questions of faith and life, beset with doubts raised by issues that the Church chooses not to address. Opting to skirt the controversy of Genesis as literal history, the biblical authority of the Holy Word is called into question and reduced to a collection of mere stories.

More popularly considered an issue for schools or in the public realm, the conflicting views on the age of the earth also remain a pivotal issue within the Church-- as it has for over two centuries.

Was the Creation Week literally six days?

Does science really point to an old earth?

Does the issue really matter for Christians?

Should this issue even be discussed within the Church?

Join authors Dr. Jason Lisle and Tim Chaffey as they put forth a case against an old-earth interpretation of Scripture.  A comprehensive biblical, theological, and scientific critique of old-earth creationism, the book presents its compelling testimony in layman's terms to create a powerful debate that leads to unquestionable truth.

So how do you get your own copy?
Call 1 800.999.3777 to New Leaf Press.
You can order it by this ISBN #13:978-0-89051-544-0

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