Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holy cow this ping thing has some potential. I think I am beginning to understand. That means I'll find tomorrow how much posted where, lol. Then I'll really understand. Sort of.

I'm learning how to do a better job with my online toys like Ping, Twitter, My Space, Facebook, and my blogs. 

It seems overwhelming to try and keep up with so many places on top of my writing loops, writing, business demands, family, church etc. This is supposed to help simplify it. 

I sure hope simplify is easier to learn that it looks. I've already updated a few of my regular blog posts, but I think it has a few I didn't want to change. 

Oh well, live and learn.

Happy Thursday and listen in to my weekly radio show 8:40a.m. Mountain Time, 104.5 FM, every Thursday. 

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