Sunday, October 12, 2008

Special showing of Fireproof in Missoula

"Fireproof" is a movie produced by the same Christian production company that produced "Facing the Giants". It's a movie for adults -- not children-- as it deals with the sensitive issue of pornography and it's effect on the marriage of the movies leading characters. But the movie shows how, with God's help, the couple is able to save and heal their marriage.

The movie will be shown in Missoula for 3 days only (Oct. 24-26), and is being brought in by the special arrangementof Garden of Readin' Christian Book Store. They have pre-bought 1000 tickets in order to bring this movie to Missoula. Please consider showing your support by attending one of the showings.

Tickets are available at Garden of Readin', or you can go to for all the show times and to buy your tickets online.

Not sure?

Check out the trailer: FireProof the movie

Ah, see?

Now you are.


See you there!
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