Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Road to Lost Innocence

Book: The Road to Lost Innocence

Born in Cambodia and orphaned at an early age, Somaly Mam, a Buddhist sex trade survivor, grew up never knowing her real name or birthday.

The author: As a teenager, Somaly Mam was sold into prostitution and spent years in the brothels of Cambodia where she witnessed and experienced the full-blown horrors of the human sex trade – rape, torture, and nearly unfathomable abuse. After her eventual escape, she could not forget the young girls (some as young as 5) left behind in the brothels, and so she returned to serve them.

Her new book, "The Road of Lost Innocence," is her newest means of advocacy. It tells her personal story, ultimately inviting people of conscious, such as our Christian community, to become involved (or to continue involvement) in this war against an epic evil, a modern battle for "the least of these." Truly, not only is this book worth reading, it's worth sharing.

Get your copy here:

Angie: As things happen, the book was delayed and I haven't had the chance to read it. However, the message seems to be important enough to keep everyone aware that this book is out and available. Please take the time to honor Somaly's experience and check out her book. Who knows? Maybe you were called to such an issue as this.

I'll be in Minneapolis the rest of this week. I will do my very best to post some reports from the American Christian Fiction Writers conference and keep up every day here. Thank you for keeping up with me :-)
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