Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fashion and Fun with Inspirational Authors at ACFW

Here are two ladies with me that I admire greatly. Tosca Lee (L) and Meredith Efken (R) .

And I couldn't resist having a little fashion show :-) Three different cocktail dresses in jewel tones. Jewel tones are the fall colors showing up in designer wear. (I do have to admit mine isn't designer. I had it made specifically to my taste while I was in Thailand this past spring.)

Something else I liked about these dresses besides the rich colors. All are stylish yet modest. Each shows personality too from color to material to style. There's nothing wrong with being stylish and wearing pretty things. Have fun exploring your personality through fashion.

Check out the work Tosca Lee does as an amazing author:

Check out the work Meredith Efken does as an author:
The Fix It Fiction Shop

A fun upcoming event: My radio interview with Tosca Lee about her new release, Havah: The story of Eve You can tune in on October 9th, 8:40-ish a.m. Mountain Standard Time and listen online at Fresh 104.5 FM Missoula.

Why 8:40-ish a.m. ? Because music isn't always perfect. So sometimes you'll hear me a minute or two later. But we're definitely there for 5 to 10 minutes every Thursday!

Okay, now you have to go check out those really, really cool sites. :-D
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