Friday, September 19, 2008

ACFW American Christian Fiction Writers Conference 2008

Man if you aren't here, you are missing out!!! We're having a great time. Meet Angela (Angie) Hunt. Author of over 100 books. She's our keynote speaker here in Minneapolis. From well established authors to brand new authors, we all have a home and family here among people who care about growing each other in faith and in profession.

Meet Shella. She has a great story idea to pitch at conference. I'm so impressed with her. I really hope she gets her story published. It's a historical with a fascinating twist on a plantation owner's wife and her secret past. I was totally drawn into the tale.

Margie Lawson is back this year with our Early Bird Class. She stuns me in her teaching prowess, but I feel like I've grown from a kindergartener to an adult in my writing skills under her tutelage. You have to take her classes online or at conference. See

From a Starbuck's that is staying open late for all of us exhausted writers to a 9 foot deep swimming pool (that's right, 9 feet!) The Sheraton Bloomington Hotel is the place to be. In fact, I have date with the pool for some synchronized swimming on Sunday morning before worship. I'm so excited. I haven't been in a decent hotel pool with any depth in years. I need deeper than 5 feet in order to do several of the synchro figures. It's impossible to do them in shallow water only. I might even get in on Saturday night if there is time after the Awards Banquet. :-D Whoo hoo!
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