Saturday, August 30, 2008

Investigating Dreams

I've had a great week. A little bit less jammed than normal weeks so I had time to get a proposal revamped and out. That proposal is one of the dreams in my heart. For those of you following this journey, Insanity Rules is a non-fiction book I'm working on with 2 partners. (I bug them to death for brainstorming and technical info ;-) )

Insanity Rules needed to be reworked because I had a dream about how to make it a better book. I have a huge dream about writing full time and traveling to speak too.

But every now and then I wonder if I'm on the right track.

Do you?

I get a little introspective. I sit and do a little thinking. I do a LOT of praying.

I'm doing that now because I love the new direction but want to make sure it stays in the path that I believe God created for it.

Do you ever get a really clear view of what you are supposed to do and then try and second guess yourself?

I start investigating things. Yes, I'm serious. As soon as I feel doubt creeping over me, I start researching. I don't even think it's a conscious thing when it starts. Somewhere along the way, I notice that I'm doing a lot of reading. It could be non-fiction or a fiction book in the topic area that explores ideas, and often I will read various parts of the Bible.

I think it must be God's way of guiding me. Like He puts a desire to delve deep in my being. And off I go.

I love the non-fiction book I posted a review on earlier this week, Chasing The Wild Goose, because the author talks about the adventure.

Chasing and investigating my dreams feel like exactly that-an adventure. Adventures are risks. There are no safe zones out in the wilderness. You just have to do it. Mark Batton made the point of saying you have to stick your feet in the waters of faith before they part. He pulled it right from the Old Testament.

So today I did a lot of pondering and found I want that adventure. It's scary because I don't know how it will turn out. But I want that adventure.

How about you? What dream scares you? Do you research or learn about it? Does that fire you up like it does me?

I'm praying for a very specific dream to come true. I hope you will do a little investigating about your dreams.

Let me know, please. I'd love to hear.

PS I wanted to remind anyone who'd like to walk with me in Helena for the National Alliance for Mental Illness 5K about the info. I'll keep posting it with my regular posts to remind anyone who is interested. Again, please only walk or donate if you feel called to join me. This is not intended for advertising, only a fun way to get involved in your community. So if you aren't in Montana, please join a walk in your area:-D Besides, what could be healthier than walking in the glorious sunshine!

Event Details:
Walk site: NAMI Montana
Location: Memorial Park
Helena, MT
Date: September 28, 2008
Check in: 11:00 am
Start time: 1:00 pm

Walker Details:

Walker Name: Angela Breidenbach
Team: Mrs. Missoula 2008
Team Page:
NAMI Affiliate: NAMI Missoula

Each walker for National Alliance for Mental Illness gets their own Walker Page to help them raise funds for NAMI:

My Walker Web address:

This is the link to my personal fundraising page that I can distribute to friends, family and co-workers so they can make online donations to sponsor me.

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