Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Speaker/Leadership Training with Weight Watchers

I'm hoping to get online while I'm down in Denver for my training, but just in case, I wanted to mention I'm out of town today.

It's a very exciting thing to be able to continue public speaking and leadership training. Weight Watchers has me on a 3 day program so I'll be able to lead meetings now.

I've been a spokesperson for them on the radio as I work toward the Mrs. Montana America Pageant and a receptionist at local meetings in Missoula. Now I will continue to grow in the ability to help others through leading meetings.

Growth comes from continued education. I love growing! It is quite an amazing thing to stuff so much information into a short time frame. Wow, the things we are learning here are applicable to so much of life.

Today we focused on listening skills, asking open ended questions, linking people through common connections and how to really do a presentation. I feel this should be an accredited college course! I'm so glad I was offered this opportunity.

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