Friday, June 20, 2008

Community Involvement with HuHot Mongolian Grill, Mrs. Missoula & the Jadyn Fred Foundation

On June 19th, our community came together to raise funds for the Jadyn Fred Foundation. We had a bunch of volunteers wearing gray t-shirts that read "HuHot's Helping Hands." We asked well-known business men and women to join me either grilling or serving in the dining room. HuHot Mongolian Grill then donated 10% of the proceeds for the event to help Montana children get to the hospital for cancer or severe illness treatments.

Here's a bunch of our volunteer guys learning to work the Mongolian Grill. They had a ball!

The grins and laughter went on all night. Scott shows us how easy it is to be around a few thousand degrees of heat!

Mitch Guinn, General Manager of Dillard's, donates his time with Mike Breidenbach of Design Air.

The hats were required and the guys had a blast making them fashionable!

This little girl helped to bring me raffle tickets we sold that night. She loved being able to wear my tiara! Isn't she the cutest thing!

Sharing the burdens of our community doesn't have to feel like a burden. It can be so much fun while you volunteer. Honestly, the take away value is so much more than feeling good about a few hours of your time. For me, I felt like we gave some kids a chance at life and some families a chance to overcome financial hardship. All these people and so many more (the community that came in to the restaurant to eat and buy raffle tickets) touched lives that they may never meet. It's all those little things that make a difference. It's great to be able to donate a million, but it's just as important to give a few minute or drop by a restaurant to eat.

If you have the chance to be part of something in your community, even if it's just to support an event, it all works together to do something wonderful.

Thank you to the people of Missoula, the volunteers, the raffle sponsors (list following), and especially HuHot Mongolian Grill for letting us have such an amazing opportunity!

Please visit and thank these raffle sponsors that made so much more possible:
HuHot Mongolian Grill
Julia Dick Spray On Tans
Weight Watcher's
Montana School of Massage
Dillard's Department Store in Missoula

In gratitude to all of you for the work, the joy and the opportunity!
Mrs. Missoula America 2008
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