Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mrs. Missoula Visits Thailand- The Land of Smiles

This wonderful group hosted my daughter for 10 months in Kampangphet. The Rotary club supported her and provided amazing trips around the country. She learned to speak Thai fairly well :-) Then they graciously accepted our visit to see what her school year had been like and to learn a little of her experience.

The people and the country sure had us smiling all week! The weather was warm, but rainy. We later found out that we'd had the tail end of the cyclone that hit Myanmar. The rain was still a pleasant temperature. This is a gorgeous and very powerful waterfall a short hike from the road. But the road is about an hour outside of Chiang Mai. More on Chiang Mai (second largest city in Thailand, located in the North) tomorrow.

I'll post more tomorrow about our hike to the Karen Hill Tribes, the Hmong People. Then upcoming posts will share what is there to do in Thailand...how to shop and the best buys...what the food is like (including photos)...and tips on travel there and back. Stay tuned :-D We love Thailand! The irony is that Thailand was never on my list of places to visit. How silly of me! I felt so safe and comfortable there. A lovely place with beautiful beaches, people, and--clothes!!! I'll have to share that a little later in my shopping post, lol.

All the best in your travels too,
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