Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Do You HuHot?

One of my sponsors for the Mrs. Montana pageant is the HuHot. This yummy Mongolian style grill is completing a national recipe contest called, How Do You Hu Hot? There are 27 HuHot's around the country, but the original is here in Missoula.

When you eat at the HuHot, there are dozens and dozens of ingredients. After filling a bowl with all the meat, vegies, herbs and sauces that tempt you, the guys at the huge, flat grill toss them all together and cook your meal.

What does that mean? All the finalists for the recipe contest funneled back to the first restaurant for the final round judging.

I know, I are thinking I'm a finalist, lol. Nope!

I'm A JUDGE :-D Whoo hoo! I'm not only honored, I'm absolutely thrilled!

And since this is one of my favorite places to eat, mmm mmm!

This Thursday, as Mrs. Missoula America, I am thrilled to be able to participate in the national judging.

The HuHot has another great event coming up that I will be involved with too.

HuHot's Helping Hands is a fundraiser event that a group can do in conjunction with the restaurant. On June 19th, we'll be raising funds for the Jadyn Fred Foundation. Proceeds from that night will help kids in Montana with cancer travel to hospitals, cover hotel costs, fuel, food etc.

It'll also be the night I draw the winner to my raffle. Starting this week, I'm raffling off several prizes to raise funds for the Mrs. Montana pageant. Tickets are $1 each.

I have amazing sponsors for the prizes!!! Check out these! So I'll have 6 winners!

$20 gift card to HuHot Restaurant
$25 gift certificate to a tanning session with Julia Dick
$75 gift box from Weight Watcher's (full of things like a pedometer, recipe book, hat, and some other treats.)
$75 cut and color from Shear Art Salon in Missoula
$100 gift certificate to a tandem massage at the Montana School of Massage
$500 fragrance gift basket from Dillard's.

Please let me know if you'd like to buy any raffle tickets, and I'll be sure to let you know who wins the How Do You HuHot? recipe contest!

Have a great day!
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