Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Day or Two in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Here is the gorgeous view from our hotel window of Chiang Mai.

This same view changes into the night bazaar.

After the first mountain hike to a Karen Tribe village, we went for a wonderful elephant ride. In the rain. A lot of rain, lol.

Our elephant slid down the muddy hill! We found out that they go down steep hills on their knees.

Of course, then we had to feed our hungry steeds :-)

Boy were they hungry! The elephants were so gentle. We loved watching their nimble noses reach for a nibble.

Riding elephants up and down mountains and through a river is not the same things as a walk around a circus ring. It was very exciting!

A funny moment was afterwards. The elephant owners took a picture while we rode the elephants through the river. We did purchase them:-) The photos had been put in a ready made frame. As the woman placed the plastic wrapped pictures in my daughter's hands, she mentioned they were made of elephant dung!

My daughter exclaimed, "They are never coming out of the plastic!"

The dung had been cleaned and shaped into paper frames. Little wooden carved elephants grace the corners. They are actually quite attractive. But in the plastic they have stayed, lol.

Tomorrow, I have a book review-blog tour for you. Then I'll be back with some more about one of my favorite trips-Thailand.
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