Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Many Ways to Give

Last Saturday, as Mrs. Missoula 2008, I had the pleasure of giving my time to help raise funds for the Jadyn Fred Organization. But I found the beauty of giving in so many other people! There are so many ways to be a part of giving to charities and organizations. I love the behind-the-scenes people who really make things work. People never really hear much about the unsung heroes in the background. And I think you should!

The ladies at the Modern Beauty School showed up early, an hour and a half early on a Saturday morning, just to do my hair and make-up for the YWCA Secret Seconds modeling and my speech at the 2008 Women's Fair. They had to open early because I had to be done in time to rehearse for the YWCA fashion show and be prepared to speak shortly after the event opened. So although many other gals could go mid-day, I was already scheduled for the whole day.

Honestly, I'm not a morning person. That made all the ladies who came to the beauty school even more admirable to me. They came in expecting nothing in return. They didn't get paid to open early. They didn't have any other customers scheduled. Yet the smiles and friendliness were rampant and infectious! They all went way out of their way to treat me with such courtesy. I had coffee brought to me, a hello from everyone, and lots of sweet check-ins to see if I needed anything or if the ladies actually working on me needed anything. The teamwork was awesome!

Meet Kim. She opened the shop and supervised to make sure everything went like clockwork!

This is Nicole, she did my hair and figured out how to place my tiara for the personal appearance. We had tons of fun.

This is Kitty. She did my make-up :-)

For my son's wedding at the end of May, I plan to go to the Modern Beauty School for a Relax Pack! Basically, the students are learning the profession so you get to try new things to give them experience. I love the benefit of the less expensive services. I can have many spa type experiences on a lower budget. So I will be getting a manicure, pedicure, facial etc. I can try things like this to see how I like them. I'm finding I really, really like them:-D I think it's an excellent way for a bride or the bridal party to enjoy a little pampering for an affordable price.

Anyway, the commitment level of ladies like the ones above is second to none. They sponsored my beauty treatments for the women's event. The thing that stood out in all of this was their hearts. There was not only the desire to to a good job, but the enthusiasm to be involved in a worthwhile project like raising funds for the Jadyn Fred Foundation.

All the ladies were excited and joyful. And let me tell you that at 7:30 a.m., that is not an easy thing to be! They stunned me with such happy customer service. I will definitely be going back to the Modern Beauty School in Missoula!

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