Thursday, March 27, 2008

Red Rocks in Denver

Taking our family to Denver over Easter was very fun! This photo (above) is of our exchange son at the Red Rocks.

And the one below, is of long-time friends who took us up to the Red Rock Amphitheater. We did the tourist thing and traded cameras for group photos:-)

We met other awesome friends for dinners and catching up! So much fun! And all because I needed to visit with consultants for the Mrs. Montana America pageant. You never know the things that happen from one decision. The new friends, the old friends, and all the memories that blend into a rich tapestry. (Okay, and all the guys had the best time in laser tag, miniature golf, and finding a sky diving wind tunnel all while I was in appointments!)

The amphitheater is very famous for big name concerts. I remember going to my cousin's high school graduation there when I was around 10 years old. All the kids in our group had a great time checking out all the famous entertainers in the visitor's center.

Also, there are so many steps that people go there all the time to work out. Huh?! Yep! There were people running the stairs all over the place.

So that's what a couple of us did. We climbed every stair, encouraging each other on to the top! Hundreds of stairs straight up. Whew, I felt like I'd really done a good job until I saw people running them sideways! Holy Cow!

Truly worth a visit, the Red Rocks just outside of Denver, Colorado.

Thank you to all our friends in Denver. We so enjoyed the entire trip and every single person!
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