Friday, February 22, 2008

Crumbling like a cookie

Sometimes the weight of the world seems to be crushing us under the volume of work or details. Getting pulled from all sides? Or maybe it feels like you are that peanut butter cookie that crumbles into bits because you picked it up too soon off the tray.

The cookie dough tasted great, so you dropped it on the tray and slid it into the warm oven. The timer goes off. Finally, it's ready. Careful to remove the metal pan, you place it on top of the stove. But, oh, it smells so good. The aroma makes your mouth water. It's been so long since you've even had a treat, let alone a warm, chewy peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips...

You give in. You just can't wait any longer. After sliding the spatula under the cookie, you lift and plop it into your hand.

"Ow!" It's too hot.

Not only that, but the cookie immediately falls apart with half landing upside down on the tile. There goes half the scrumptious anticipation. Instead of your mouth watering, now your eyes sting with frustration.

What happened?

Impatience, that's what!

A warm cookie is wonderful. But, it's wonderful when it has had a few minutes to set up, cool down, and be savored.

Do you try to do things just too fast? Do you try to do too many things without paying attention to the little details like cooling off time? These can definitely be my downfall.

Starting today. Starting now. Is it possible to take a few minutes to grant yourself a moment to think?

How? Well, give yourself space. I do this by taking my computer off to a nearby cafe, drinking a latte, and letting my mind unfurl all those tensions. I write. It helps.

Or do we need to continue feeling like a crumbled up cookie?

Which do you feel is more satisfying?

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