Monday, February 25, 2008

Closer Than Your Skin by Susan D. Hill

I'm thrilled to introduce to you a book by another Montana author! This one is non-fiction. If you're anything like me, one genre just won't do. I skip around to meet my mood. Sometimes it's rich and deep, sometimes I want to learn something new, and sometimes I just need to laugh or cry.

The thing I love doing most though... ;-D is promoting anything Montanan!

So let me tell you a little about Closer Than Your Skin by Susan D. Hill with her help, of course:-D

Closer Than Your Skin is a book that will help you "unpack" the cliche' of getting to know God. Susan's goal is not to fill you up with all the proper "Christianese" language. She wants to help you get to know the God that says He wants a personal relationship with you. That is one tall order. How do you get to know somebody that you can't see or touch physically?

I could tell you a little about building friendships through email and writer's loops, but that would be too much like reading...huh? Reading.

Have you ever realized how reading someone's personal words bring you close to the essence of that person? Think about sneaking a peek at a diary. You're reading their personal thoughts and desires.

That's a lot like reading different areas of the Bible. For instance, try reading Song of Solomon! It's, ahem, very personal.

Susan goes to the personal in reaching out to you in her book. It isn't to glorify the situation she's experienced. NO! It's to show you that God reaches out to you where you are and draws you into a relationship with him.

So maybe I do like promoting Montana and all things Montanan. But what if on this day, just this once, this book touched you?
How would that be?

PS My Bible study group is finishing up one study and I'm going to suggest we read Closer Than Your Skin together. I have a feeling they will be all for it.
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