Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's All Over

Christmas is past for another year. Our son was married yesterday. The bride and groom are off on their honeymoon. We're so happy for them! (I promise a picture or two very soon, but my camera decided to act up and I haven't been able to load the photos yet. Pending:-) )

The wedding was beautiful. All in white! The flowers stood out in jewel tones against the 8 bridesmaids dresses. Our beautiful red-headed daughter-in-law wore her mother's dress. She looked stunning! Our son glowed as he watched her come to him down the aisle.

Today, we are resting. After 3 days of wedding parties, whew!

Something you might enjoy doing for a wedding idea---

We had a music worship time of praise songs right between the rehearsal dinner and the rehearsal. What a nice time to bring our minds back to the real author of marriage!

Then the pastor gave a short talk to all that attended the music and worship just before the rehearsal. I loved it because he charged us all to be friends of Devan and Katie's marriage. He taught us NOT to commiserate with them during complaints. We are to point them back to their spouse. He gave specific common examples and even taught us what to respond to those examples. It was one of the best things I've ever heard or seen in a preparation for marriage.

Thank you, Lord, for our children's marriage and the fruit of that marriage. We hope for grandchildren, but the fruit of their marriage is to make a difference for Christ. They have already begun.

PS Wedding photos pending...
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