Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tosca Lee author of Demon-A Memoir

Oh do I love this book and appreciate Tosca!

I met her at the ACFW conference in Dallas. She writes with intelligence and creatively draws me deeper into an understanding of the concepts she describes. I feel them. I see them. I "get" them.

I LOVE this book. Did I say that already? :-D

The title threw me at first. I thought it would be a horror or something. So not into that! Or a thriller. Not really my cup of tea. But it is not either of those things. In fact, it is life changing for me. Her style inspired me to try something new in my own writing. Her thoughtful descriptions made me consider aspects of my faith that had never come up before. I think you would enjoy it for the story alone. But if you are willing, her story is one to help you explore what you really think, what you really believe. And if not, it's still a totally absorbing read. But what it won't do...bore you. It's fast-paced, exciting, and compelling.

Try this: Pick it up at a store near you, read the first few pages, and then see if you can put it down. I couldn't.

We're going to do a contest this week for a copy of her book, Demon-A Memoir.

I'm also going to post some more on the book and the author. Tomorrow, I'll share a link so you can watch a short interview with Tosca.

We're going to have fun with Tosca too. She's sharing her own brand of cooking, lol, you'll see:-D What does Mrs. Nebraska 1998 eat? Hmmm...Stay tuned.

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