Monday, September 10, 2007

Something Exciting Happened To Me Today

I had a wonderful experience. I felt completely like it was where I was supposed to be, doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Sometimes everything "clicks" and you have a good day. But even better, a very short period of time stands out as spectacular.

I had that tonight.

I accepted an invitation to speak at an Ultreya. (That's a meeting, once a month, of people who have attended a weekend like Walk to Emmaus or Cursillo to deepen their faith. My topic is my passion, God uses broken vessels.

I spoke about my mother's mental illness, my anger at the Lord, and the day He called me back to His heart. I felt comfortable and useful. That is what was so spectacular. I felt the Lord working through me. It was exhilerating because it is my dream to speak to people and inspire them to use their own mistakes and difficulties to help others.

I believe the Lord places a dream in each of us. Living that dream and following the path He has laid before us is how we experience a fulfilled life. Tonight I felt that fullness of joy.

The question often asked when weighing how much you love your job is...Would you do it if there were no paycheck? For me, speaking and writing-YES!

What prep work will it take to gain the skills even if you have the talent?

I've been taking online classes, writing books and articles to practice the craft, attending Toastmasters, competing in writing and speaking contests, and reading craft books. I also get critiqued and mentored by people ahead of me. Then I turn around and share what I learn with others.

One day I hope that this is all I will do for a living. In the meantime, I am joyously working toward that day. The best job in the world is the one you love because God made you to do it.

What do you love to do? How are you working toward it?
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