Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Margie Lawson's Early Bird Class at ACFW

If I could tell you anything about Margie's teaching this last week, it would be that she changed my life.


Not at all.

The thing I was after not only presented itself in deepening my characters, but in my personal life.

I spent last night reteaching what I had learned to my step-daughter who is taking AP English. What do you think she had to do? Uh huh. Figure out what rhetorical devices are, what they are used for, how to recognize them, and how the deepen the emotional experience for the reader.

Who did she have to use as an example? Aristotle!

And Aristotle's ethics confirmed the decision my husband and I agreed on about my career only the night before. That I am happiest doing what I was created to do. Aristotle's entire manuscript layered that over-arching theme. My husband realized it through my energy and joy about this conference experience. And he said that to me.

Now, we are beginning to work toward a change in our family and heating company. We are working me out of the day to day operations and into full-time writing and speaking.

How did we come to this decision? By working through layers of choices that deepened the meaning of life as we knew it.

It all started with the Early Bird class that Margie taught.

Don't miss next year in Minneapolis:-)

It could change your life as you know it.

PS Want more on Margie Lawson's teaching? Go visit the FAITH Girls over at: for today's extension of that class.
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