Monday, June 07, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game-The Missoula Osprey

Another great place to visit on our virtual tour of Montana. The Missoula Osprey Base Ball Team.

Our semi-pro baseball team is a wonderful, fun attraction for locals and tourists:-D This is our mascot (he's an osprey.)

Some of the folks at our church decided it would be fun to do a barbecue and baseball game. They were right!

This is Don having a great time with Steve and Steve!

Then we all danced to YMCA, lol, led by the Osprey mascot.

Oh yes, we do have fun in Missoula:-D

Three of our younger members were invited to lead the singing of the traditional, Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

What is there to do in this town? Visit the Osprey and see a real osprey nest (lived in too.) This pole was installed to lure the river hawk to the stadium. The osprey is a bird that lives near rivers, fishes, and builds nests all over the area on tall poles like the one in the distance here. We watched them fly around the park throughout the game as if they were rooting for the home team.

Hey, thanks for visiting today. Come back soon:-D
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