Saturday, August 04, 2007

Synchronized Swimming-another advanced figure

Upcoming on Aug 13th, I'll be interviewing Allison Bottke for her new book, One Little Secret.

We're both Boomer Babes:-D Love that title she gave our generation's women.

Now for a look at an excercise that is too fun to call excercise! This is a sport that I think all Boomer Babes should check out and try. You are never too old! Why, ladies compete well into their 90's in synchro! Have you ever wanted to break out of the duldrums? Have you ever wanted to try something, but been afraid you're too out of shape? This is it! No matter how old, how in or out of shape you think you are, or if you don't know how to swim-you can learn synchronized swimming. All you have to know is how to hold your breath. Okay, you don't have to know how to hold your breath, you can learn that too:-D Get creative. Try something new. Psst, you never have to compete if you don't want to either.

Welcome to another swimming day with me:-) I had a blast this morning coaching synchro at my local YMCA. (Okay, I have to admit I'd rather sleep in than swim at 8 a.m., but I'm ALWAYS glad I went!) The girls were so open and thrilled to learn the new skills of sculling and the beginning routine. I'm the assistant coach, so I get to be in the pool with them and do the routine too. It's so much fun when a girl suddenly clicks with a skill. They also love to see things they will be learning. I showed them this one recently...

The Side Split Fish Tail (with a dive in rather than front pike.)

Once the front pike takes you under, you begin to raise one leg to a fully extended position. The other leg stays down, but straight.

This is the center of the twist. As you split and hold, your body stays verticle underwater. Then you turn around 180 degrees holding the split. (Sorry, we didn't get the full split on film.)

Now once you've turned the slow 180, your legs come back together. You'll be facing the opposite of the position you started from, but you'll come up feet first.

I'll lower my right leg from the split and torpedo scull to the surface.

The torpedo works wonders for propelling you up quickly. The trick is the tight position as you wave behind your head.

Hopefully, you can see my hand position here. I tell my students it's like you are waving goodbye. Notice my palms are always pointed away from the place I am leaving.
I'm effectively waving goodbye to where I've been:-)

Hey Jacquelyn, Samantha, and Hallie! I'm so glad Laura and I have had the chance to share synchro with you this summer. You are all doing terrific!!!

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