Thursday, July 12, 2007

RWA Nationals are a great networking opportunity

Yes, today I went to several workshops, the PRO retreat (my highlight was Colleen Gleason's teaching on promotion), and the luncheon featuring Lisa Kleypas as the Keynote Speaker. Then I had a lovely time mixing and mingling with the editors and authors at the Steeple Hill open house. After that, the evening reception and the Moonlight Madness Bazaar followed by the Harlequin Pajama Party. You can easily run yourself ragged with all the parties, classes, and activities. Regardless of the running, the laughter fueled my emotional tank. I love learning through laughter. It permeated the entire day. I guess I'd call it fabulously, fun fatigue.

I have to say thank you to Cheryl Wyatt, a new Steeple Hill author (first release due out Jan 2008) for her thoughtful purchase of a mocha latte for me. We were both exhausted and needed the pick-me-up to make it through the rest of the night.

If you go out for dinner from the Hyatt Regency, only 6 blocks away you will find tons of restaurants. I loved finding this carriage tour in the West End of Dallas. Hop in, kick back, and unwind from the mad dash.

Have you been over at the group blog I share with 5 other authors yet? If so, you'll see our luncheon was quite unusual in the culinary department. Here's a colorful photo to share:-) We dubbed it The Italian Zebra at our table.

One of the many humorous t-shirts available at the Midnight Madness Bazaar. There are writer tools, jewelry, and even clocks for sale as the RWA chapters use this booth opportunity to raise funds for their local groups.

The Midnight Madness Bazaar became a hilarious romp for these gals. We all realized our stair-step heights. We started joking about Cingular bars and descended into mug shots. So of course, I accosted willing strangers to take the photos for us. We gathered a crowd that hooted and hollered with us as we attempted to make straight faces. If you want to go over to the FAITH girls blog at you'll see more photos of today's events. (Debra Clopton is the culprit! She couldn't stop doubling over in laughter.) This had the crowd roaring along with us.

Mindy Obenhaus, Angie Breidenbach, Kimberly Fish, Debra Clopton (who has a new June release and another one due out in October), and Allie Pleiter (who has a new July release.)

The Harlequin Pajama Party was a hit!

Cheryl Wyatt brought her pet Squirrel along too:-D

The Harlequin Divas mug for the camera:-)

Allie Pleiter has a new book out right now. At the Harlequin Pajama Party, she showed us how she developed characters through a puppet show. She had us in stitches as she mimicked the voices of the hero and heroine. Authors will do anything to get the creative juices flowing. Even use their shawl to develop dialogue, lol.

I'll do my best to catch you up tomorrow. Unfortunately, the latte has worn off and I'm all tuckered out. Thanks for visiting the RWA Nationals with me today:-D
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