Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What do your characters see around them?

Writing a story takes description. How would you describe this scene?

Do your characters live in the country or city?

I started taking digital photos of Montana for a fun series to share on my blog. But it grew into so much more. I thought I'd post a week or so. It kept growing. People keep visiting to see more of Montana. I've had way too much fun with this idea. It's spreading.

In the meantime, the above photos are of Missoula. The first is a ranch literally on the edge of town. The second is downtown Missoula. As I photographed places I passed, I began to realize these photos would help me imagine places or situations my fictional characters would experience. My digital camera has become a constant companion.

I've pulled off the highway or back road to jump out of the car and catch a snippet of God's creativity. I've yanked the car into an unexpected driveway to photograph the elusive Great Blue Heron. (I can't wait to share those photos with you!) And I've had a few surprise stars in my pictures. I had no idea there were bikers in the downtown photo, lol. What if they were your hero and heroine? What are they doing? Where are they going? Are they on one bike or two? :-D

What would make your fictional character suddenly stop a car? What would make you do that? Now translate that information to your reader through tight, descriptive writing. Leave me a comment on your thoughts. Write a quick 100 word scene for me on the photos today. Tell me what your character would do if placed in one of those locations.

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