Monday, May 14, 2007

My backyard

People ask me what Montana is really like. I decided to show them:-)
As I take or find pictures of the "real" Montana, I'll post them now and again. I scanned a picture my mother took back in 2001 of our backyard and one of our horses, Chief. (He's the small speck out in the pasture about center left of the photo, lol.) This is about August, 2001. The bushes hiding my porch are thankfully gone now, whew.

Anyway, we laughed at the fact that people might think this is all there is to Montana. It's not. We live outside of town, several miles. Our backyard is a mountain and our front yard looks out at a mountain about a quarter of a mile walk. This is what living in Montana is about, mountains and lifestyle. I'll post more photos of the state over time to give you a better idea. No matter what, it's beautiful and a great place to vacation year-round.

Most folks who live in Montana are not rich. It's a trade off. Our median income in our town is about $24K a year. Yes, there are rich folks. There are all ranges of incomes. Our towns are not huge by any means. The people here are hardy and tend to be VERY independent type personalities.

I'd like to give you a flavor of Montana tour. I think I'll have to do this more frequently as there is so much variation and interesting things to see and do here.

In the meantime, have a peek at my backyard.

Welcome to Montana.

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