Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wow, you're so lucky!

Lately I've heard a few comments that almost sound like accusations. I've lost nearly 30 pounds. I have 3 more to go. I met my Weight Watcher target for weight loss. But I decided I wanted a little flex room. So I'm going to lose 3 more pounds for me. The photo on my blog is where I started. I'm getting a new photo shoot done in July to update my model/acting portfolio. So check back with me mid-July for the before/after shots:-D

Anyway, a few people have said, "Wow, you're so lucky you are so thin." Am I? Not at all. Luck had nothing to do with it. Learning better life skills and practicing those skills day in and day out. That is what did it. I always smile and say thank you, but I do tell them that I've worked for it. It's important to credit the work or you can easily take for granted your situation. And if people think this is luck, then where does their hope come from? There is no "Luck Fairy" out there waiting to touch us with a magic wand. sigh. I wish there was:-)

I've been in Weight Watcher's now since last August. I've lost 27 pounds (25 by their scale.) I have to track my food daily. This was a HUGE change for me because I'd found out that I ate much differently than I thought. My portions were too big, my vegies were non-existent, and my caloric beverage intake-yeah, let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Now though, I can say that I eat a lot of vegies and fruits. (In the WW system, vegies are 0 points while fruits are 0-2 points. Lots to eat without having to count calories.) I get 20 points a day now. But if I eat vegies, I have way more food than I need to fill me up.

I drink XS Energy drinks instead of pop (because they taste sooo good and are sugar free.) I drink skim milk, eat my favorite Arrowhead 4 grain hot cereal most mornings, and have a healthier diet than I did last year. For those of you who love latte/cappucino drinks, I have a latte most days. I use sugar free flavors, skim milk, and order the 12 ounce size (or make it at home.) I do admit to using real chocolate syrup. The point value runs 3-4 on a drink like that. If you go to Starbuck's, their drinks run 4-5 points. Here's how it breaks down: 1 cup of skim milk is 2 points. I flavor full sugar is 1 point. Now adjust to your preference. No whip cream keeps it healthy.

Now because of the changes, I have 3 more weigh-ins before I become a Lifetime member. That means I won't have to pay as long as I stay within 2 pounds of my target weight. What was the biggest change/success? Tracking and being aware of what I really put into my stomach. Please take the challenge. You'll be glad you did.

A tip: You can still eat pasta and bread if you make sure it is super high fiber and/or whole grain versions like FiberWise or something similar for pasta and whole grain bread. I've found Franz or Wonder have good high fiber "white" style breads for those who are too used to white bread to switch right away.

Do everything with a purpose. Switch your pasta and breads over for a week. Read the labels. Then switch something else, and so on. It's very important to give yourself time to adjust.

It's all about being ready to make the decision to change and then doing it. When you see me in July and September at the conferences, don't think this was luck. Making a decision and following through is work. Purpose in your heart to do the work so that you can enjoy the outcome.

Lotsa love,
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