Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dealing with Fear

How do you deal with fear? For me it is almost always jumping into the deep end on a cold winter day. I'm standing on the edge of the pool (indoor of course) and I have to go in whether I want to or not.

It started in 5th grade. Swimming was offered as a mandatory class. But guess what year my body decided to make itself noticed. ahem. So, by 6th grade all the girls quit talking to me because all the boys noticed me. Like I could make it go away somehow! But I was afraid to be in a swimsuit in front of people.

By high school, I gave up trying to hide my womanhood and took swimming and diving. I was good at it and it was fun. This meant cold workouts at another school. Running through the snow, changing out, and getting 30 minutes in the pool. There was NO time for whining about being a little chilly.

I had a choice-swim or flunk. So I got in the habit of counting to three and diving in. I'd always have a split second in the air where I'd wonder what demon possessed me to be so stupid...but then it'd be over and the swim would be good.

I still use that skill today. (Yes, I still swim.) I use it when I'm afraid of most anything. I count to three, have a split second to wonder at my audacity, and then submerge myself. I've never regretted it. Diving in allows me to stretch, explore, and be adventurous. Blogging was adventurous to me. I was soooo scared.

I'd like to introduce you all to why I don't regret challenging myself to dive into cold, deep water. It's you. Look back at the amazing and compassionate comments on the last couple of entries. You all are there showing me that leaping into a new opportunity is a wonderful experience.

How do you push through fears?
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